Why we turn up to work every day

Why we turn up to work every day
October 17, 2018 Stacey Sinclair

There was a fantastic Ted Talk given by Simon Sinek in 2010 called, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. This talk sparked a revolution and changed the framework on which businesses are built.

If you haven’t seen the Ted Talk, Sinek explains that businesses that inspire all think, act and communicate in the same way – and it’s the opposite of what everyone else does. They start with WHY.

Indeed, most organisations explain what they can do, some can explain how they are different or better, but very few can articulate why they do it.

For example, Niclin Group could say, “We are a Builder who designs and constructs fuel stations, industrial developments and educational facilities.”

This statement is correct, but is uninspiring and gives our clients, contractors and potential recruits no reason to choose us over our competitors.

Sinek explains that by following the Golden Circle Framework – articulating WHY we are in business, before describing HOW and WHAT we do that will set Niclin Group, or any other company, apart from competitors.

Niclin Group WHY

Back in 2013, when Nick and Caroline Cave established Niclin Group, they had the single goal: to create a construction company that valued its employees and had a great culture. This single goal was their WHY, the reason that clients, subcontractors and team members wanted to work with Niclin Group over any other design and construction contractor.

Five years later, Niclin Group’s WHY is as strong as ever and is now clearly articulated in everything we do:

To be The Choice by Building a Champion Team.
(To paraphrase Sinek, “And by the way, we are a D&C builder”).

Even more important than the clarity of our WHY is that it has become more than the vision of two people. It is now the purpose of our whole company and the reason that each Niclin Group team member comes to work every day.

As we work towards achieving our WHY you will see our champion team engage with you, our clients and contractors, following our core values of Reliability, Discipline, Loyalty, Positivity and Communication. In doing so, we hope to build a loyalty loop that ensures we are the choice and have a champion team of staff, contractors and clients.



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