Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium

Niclin Group - Clem Jones Centre Terry Mackenroth Gymnasium - Education - Terry Mackenroth Gym exterior sunset

Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium

Clem Jones Centre

CLIENT: Clem Jones Centre
VALUE: $4.5M
START DATE: July 2017
STATUS: Complete

The Terry Mackenroth Gym is a large facility within the Clem Jones Centre, Carina. Niclin Group constructed the building to allow natural light to fill the space. The facility features electrical louvres, skylights that span the length of the building and a large window on the front facade.

The team completed the project in a live sporting complex, which came with its own set of challenges. Adult sporting fixtures, swimming lessons and club meetings were held around the work site during the build. Niclin Group kept the site safe and ensured that there was little, if any impact, on visitors to the Centre.

Steve Heald, CEO of the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association, says, “Niclin Group’s attitude and approach reflects the culture and values of the Clem Jones Centre, and there is now no other builder we would prefer to work alongside. This is supported by the fact we have already engaged Niclin to work with us towards the next major project at the centre.”



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