Maynard Street Childcare

Niclin Group - Maynard Street Childcare Centre, Woolloongabba - Education - Maynard Street Exterior

Maynard Street Childcare centre

Woolloongabba, Brisbane

CLIENT: Taylor Bridge Capital
VALUE: $1.8M
START DATE: November 2017
STATUS: Complete

Niclin Group recently completed the full design and construction of a neighbourhood childcare centre in Woolloongabba for long-term client, Taylor Bridge Capital.

This high-end, two-storey facility features play areas on both levels. The centre is one of a kind with its style and finishes, giving the space a boutique atmosphere that the children and parents love.

The site is in proximity to residential neighbours and had restricted access. The Niclin Group team engaged in regular communication with the neighbours to ensure there was as little disruption to the community as possible.