Update from Onsite, January 2019

Update from Onsite, January 2019
January 30, 2019 Stacey Sinclair

Despite January typically being a slow month in construction, the Champion team on site at Enoggera have achieved some great milestones over the past month.  At this stage of the project, things start getting exciting.  The stormwater, earthworks and ground remediation works are complete, the footings have been poured, and the buildings are starting to rise from the ground.  Over just four days in January, the team erected the 72 tilt panels that make up the walls of the retail precinct and bowls club.  These walls form the basis of the structures and, now they are complete, the team is moving onto installing the structural steel and roofing. At this point, the action will move inside both of the structures as the slabs are poured.

Take a look at the latest time-lapse video (above) to see the structures rising from the ground.

Over the past couple of months, we have had several requests for a “bird’s eye view” of the site layout.  Our marketing team dusted off their rusty photoshop skills and have created a rough mud-map of the development and how it sits on the site.  A copy of their masterpiece is below (please note: the drawing is not to scale).

If you have any questions about progress on site, please drop us an email at report@niclingroup.com.au