A Champion Team


Our People are the Backbone of Our Success

Niclin Group is built on the foundation of its champion team. We are disciplined, loyal and have a wealth of experience. Most importantly, we have an unshakeable belief that we can do things a better way.

We think beyond construction. While we love what we do and are proud of our results, we know that your project doesn’t begin and end with the built form. We take the time at the beginning of your project to understand what you want to achieve and how you define success. We combine this knowledge with our expertise so we can deliver outcomes that meet your definition of success – not just ours.

  • "Niclin Group works with you"

    “Most recently, we engaged Niclin Group on a design and construct contract basis to deliver a 5 level, 16 apartment project in Wynnum. As evidence of our satisfaction with this project, we are currently working on another residential project and have brought Niclin Group into the process earlier, prior to lodgement of the DA. Our aim is to optimise both the design and construction solutions and we believe bringing Niclin Group into the process early will allow us to do this. Niclin Group works with you, more like a partner than a contractor, in delivering the desired outcomes."

    Craig Williamson (Director), Criterion Property Group

    Project: Clara Street Apartments

  • "The team is dedicated to building long-term relationships built on trust and transparency"

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Niclin Group for many years on Rogerscorp developments spanning several sectors. Unlike many other builders, the team is dedicated to building long-term relationships built on trust and transparency, rather than focussing on one sector or type of project. Regardless of the project or the Niclin Group team we are working with, constructing with Niclin Group is a smooth process with transparency and open communication at the heart of the success of our relationship."

    Simon Rogers (Director), Rogerscorp

    Project: Various

  • "Exceeded our expectations"

    “During the design phase, the team worked hard to create a structure that was functional, while maintaining the building’s aesthetics. Once on site, the team’s dedication to design and innovation continued.  The team was transparent in their communication and kept us in the loop at all stages of the project. If you are seeking a builder to work in partnership with you, who will find out what you want to achieve and works hard to deliver, Niclin Group’s discipline and communication make them a good fit."

    Anthony Short (Project Manager), Citimark Properties

    Project: Civic Warehouse, Brendale

  • "There is now no other builder we would prefer to work alongside"

    “Everyone I worked with at Niclin Group took great pride in their work and to producing quality outcomes - it was clear that the end product was as important to them as it was to the Clem Jones Centre and all our staff members. This attitude and approach reflect the culture and values of the Clem Jones Centre, and there is now no other builder we would prefer to work alongside."

    Steve Heald (CEO), Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association

    Project: Terry Mackenroth Gymnasium, Clem Jones Centre

  • "A great team to work with"

    “This project had two critical concerns: a tight deadline and execution in a live setting. Niclin Group delivered the ACU First Stage of the Early Works project to their (compressed) schedule, without a single safety incident. We were extremely happy with the project and site management, in particular the clear lines of communication at all levels. Ultimately, Niclin Group are friendly, communicative, and a great team to work with.”

    Peter Fraser (Project Director), APP Corporation Pty Ltd

    Project: Australian Catholic University