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About Niclin Group

Communication Builds Quality

Niclin Group is a full-service design and construction company. Established in 2013, the company was founded when Nick and Caroline Cave determined that there must be a way to deliver design and construction projects in an easier and more transparent way for clients.

How we are working to change our corner of the construction industry is threefold: creating a champion team, employing the right subcontractors and consultants, and working with clients who share our values of loyalty, discipline, reliability, communication and positivity.

A Champion Team

When you choose Niclin Group to deliver your project, you know that you are working with a champion team. With internal capabilities across the entire process of design and construction, the process is smoother for our clients, with fewer battles and more certainty.

We are continually striving to attract and retain the right people to make our business even better. In doing so, we look beyond experience. We know that while an individual may be the best in the business at what they do, if they don’t share our values, then we can’t achieve our vision of making our corner of the construction industry easier and more transparent.

We know that a champion team is built from the ground up and we are lucky to have a cracking team of cadets and apprentices.  Niclin Grow encompasses our dedicated cadet and apprenticeship programmes which provide team members starting out their careers with fantastic mentoring opportunities.

Employing the right subcontractors

Niclin Group understands that loyalty goes both ways. We are changing our processes to make tendering alongside Niclin Group simpler and more certain for our subcontractors and clients.

If a subcontractor provides a quote at tender stage, they are given the first right of reply when the project moves to construction. This way, we can continue to develop a core team of subcontractors who we know are right for our business and who deliver consistent and reliable services to our clients.

Working with Niclin Group

The Niclin Group Team think beyond our separate work silos. We know that the best solution is not always the most obvious, which is why we work with each other, our subcontractors, your consultants and you to get the job done.

A key part of working with Niclin Group is that we will always act professionally and in your interest. We have established systems and processes covering safety, quality, environment and community. This gives you the peace of mind that we will deliver your projects on an established model. Our champion team strives to reduce risk and increase building and project confidence. Our design and construction certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality assured
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental
  • AS/NZS 4801:2004 health and safety management

Discover more about our projects and our industry experience or get in touch to discuss your project in further detail.

Our expertise and experience in design and construction or construction only projects extends across:


We provide design and construct services for all types of industrial developments, optimising site utilisation and increasing project viability.

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Niclin Group – Cutler Court Warehouse and Office, Brendale - industrial – Cutler Court Warehouse Brendale builder Cutler Court Brendale


We have proven capabilities delivering office complexes, mixed use developments, large-box retail and community use projects.

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Niclin Group - Clem Jones Centre Terry Mackenroth Gymnasium - Education - Terry Mackenroth Gym exterior


Our team’s extensive fuel experience includes both regional and metropolitan service stations and large truck stops.

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Niclin Group - 7-Eleven Hillcrest - Fuel - 7-Eleven Hillcrest service station render night


We offer custom fitout services across retail, commerical, and industrial sectors. Our service combines quality and time with cost-efficient building methods, and the experience of a large construction team.

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Niclin Group - Liquorland Fitouts - Commercial, Retail and Fitout - Liquorland Toombul interior design